What the World Needs Now is Evangelism

Many are the needs of our day, the need for peace among people around the world, the need for food and clothing in poverty-stricken countries, the need for loving families, civil rights, good paying jobs, etc.

I suggest that the greatest need for our world is evangelism. Sharing the gospel with every person (Mark 16:15) and preaching the word everywhere (Acts 8:5) is a need that was met aggressively in the first century AD (Col. 1:23).

This need is so great because of the condition of the world and the condition of the church. Billions in this world are lost and dying (“for all have sinned,” Romans 3:23) and without the Christ, they will die in their sins (John 8:24). Close to home this means that relatives, friends and neighbors will be lost if Christians continue to do little if anything to teach them. Many congregations have lost their focus and have become little more than a social club meeting only the social and emotional needs of its members. Many of our congregations are declining in number because as Christians die or fall away, little is being done to convert others. Unless we meet this need, many churches will cease to exist. We are committed at Karns to being faithful in our service to God in reaching out to the lost of our community and even throughout the world.

Many reasons have been offered as to why this need has not been met. It could be due to a lack of concern, knowledge, courage, faith, or focus. Our Lord was concerned as he came to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10). Paul also had great concern for the lost (Rom. 10:1). Our knowledge may be such that we can only say, “Come and see” (John 1:45-46). Are we fearful of being rejected by loved ones, friends or strangers? If we are reviled for the name of Christ, we are blessed (Matt. 5:11-12). Do we believe in God’s ability to give us strength (Phil. 4:13) and wisdom (James 1:5) and courage (2 Tim. 1:7-8)? Have we allowed the things of this world to distract us from bearing fruit for the Lord (Luke 8:14)?

We all need to be personal workers to fulfill the command of Christ, to show our love for others, and to be like the early church. Jesus commanded that disciples be made (Matt. 28:19). Love for others is the second greatest commandment (Mt 22:39). We need to emulate the Lord’s church not only in pattern, but in function as well by demonstrating the same zeal for the Lord’s cause and the same love for the lost (Acts).

Our hope and prayer is that we at Karns will realize the greatest need of the church is to get back to its original mission of evangelism and that the greatest need of Christians is to be personal workers in the vineyard of the Lord. Do we have faith? Do we have the right focus? Let’s each ask ourselves honestly if we are truly concerned for the lost and doing what we can to reach others. The future looks bright and we want each member of our family to be an essential part of it.

For the elders (Gregg Woodall)