Widows & Widowers Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to support, encourage, and serve those who are widowed, as described in 1 Peter 3 and Jas 1:27. We aim to meet their spiritual, physical, and social needs and fully integrate them into service and fellowship in the Karns congregation. In widowhood, the need for companionship and inclusion is paramount, so we strive to connect all members with our widowed members by spending time with them and including them. Additionally, we offer various opportunities for our widows and widowers to contribute to the congregation.

Widowhood can occur suddenly and without warning. It involves grieving the loss of a spouse and adjusting to a new life of living alone, managing a home, finances, and decision-making without a partner. The responsibilities that were once shared now fall solely on the widowed individual. For those who have recently become widowed, there are new needs and obligations that didn’t exist just a short time ago. Some widowed members may struggle with tasks they used to find easy, while others may be unable to attend worship services and congregation activities. Your visit, card, call, or assistance can bring them joy and encouragement. This is in line with the teachings of James 1:27.

Throughout the year, we have a number of events and activities to support widowed members. Contact the church office for more information. Church members can encourage them by visiting them, sending them cards, taking communion to shut-ins, volunteering to help with their needs, and making efforts to include them in your life.