Bible Classes

Spring Quarter (March 2024 – May 2024)

Sunday Morning (9:00 AM)
Jesus, Sweetest Name I Know
Steve Higginbotham

This class will focus upon Jesus as portrayed in the gospel of John.  As we do this, we will divide the class into three sections: Exalting the Son of God, Beholding the Lamb of God, and Following the Man of God. I hope you’ll join us as we study the most important character in the history of the world.
Bible Study and Resources 101
Gregg Woodall and Ben Woodall
Small Multi-Purpose Room

How do you study your Bible? What resources do you use? In this class, we will be discussing different ways to approach Bible study and will explore a variety of outside resources that may be helpful. 
Facing the Old Testament
Harry Washington
Southeast Classroom 1

In 2023, Harry published a book entitled, “Face in the Book: An Overview of the Old Testament with Wisdom, Direction, and Practical Applications for Daily Living.” This class is for anyone who wants to learn or share about the beauty and importance of the 39 Books of the Old Testament. Each class member will receive a copy of this book to aid you in your study.
Wednesday (7:00 PM)
Hard Passages of the Bible
Mike Green, Will Hanstein, Rick Harrison

This study of hard passages of the Bible focuses on two aspects of Scripture. It will focus on passages of the Bible that are hard to understand (2 Peter 3:15ff) and/or are hard to obey (John 6:60). Join the Southeast faculty as they explore hard passages of the Bible.
Choose Two
Spencer Clark
Small Multipurpose Room

This year we are taking on the challenge to reach two people each this year. This class is designed to help you in that effort. We will look at a variety of scenarios, types of people (friends, family, neighbors, coworkers), and discuss how to reach them. There will be time for discussion, Q&A, and real-world examples.
Continue Steadfastly in Prayer
Donnie Iverson
Southeast Classroom 1

Throughout Scripture, we read the prayers of faithful followers of God. In this class, we will examine 13 notable prayers in Scripture, the circumstances and composition of each prayer, and seek to make application to improve our own prayer lives.