Bible Classes

Winter Quarter (December 2023 – February 2024)

Sunday Morning (9:00 AM)
Denominational Doctrines
Tony Williams

This class will be a study of various denominational doctrines taught today, while contrasting them with the truth set forth in Scripture.
Your “Inner Fish” (Young Adults)
Dustin Bates
Small Multi-Purpose Room

In today’s world of “evolving truths,” let’s dive into what the Bible says is the truth for life’s common scientific questions.
A Winter in the Word
Steve Higginbotham
Southeast Classroom 1

The participants in this class need to commit to reading through the New Testament during the quarter and coming back together each week to discuss what we read. Click here to download the Reading Schedule.
Finding Our Identity in Christ (College-Age)
Various Teachers
Southeast Classroom 2

We may be identified in a lot of different ways. We may be known as a son or a daughter, a student, or a brother or sister. As important as those roles are in defining our identity, they should all pale in comparison to the identity that we have in Christ. Join us as we talk about it.
Wednesday (7:00 PM)
Bible Books No One Ever Studies
Steve Higginbotham

In this class, we are going to study a few Old Testament books that have probably not been studied nearly as much as some other Old Testament books. There is much to learn from these books, and they contain rich application to us living today.
Heavenward Bound
Michael Green
Small Multipurpose Room

How can Christian marriages thrive in today’s busy world? How can parents raise faithful children in a secular age? What can the church do to overcome the generation gap? This class will examine six passages of Scripture which provide practical advice and foundational truths for families who aspire to be heavenward bound.
Evangelism in Acts (New Testament Evangelism Part 2)
Spencer Clark
Southeast Classroom 2

Continuing last quarter’s focus on the Gospels, we now turn our attention to the book of Acts. We will focus on a selection of passages that provide insights on evangelism methods and strategies. We will also discuss how to implement these strategies personally and congregationally.