What Is A Soul Worth To You?

We often sing the song “What is He Worth to Your Soul?” But what if we turn the tables a bit and ask, “What is a Soul Worth to You?” Hopefully, we do make great sacrifices to obtain God’s Kingdom for our own souls, just like the man and the Pearl of Great Price. But what about other souls? How much are they worth to you?

Sometimes I wonder if our hesitancy to actively seek the lost and lead them to Christ is because of the personal costs. The reality is that successful evangelism requires substantial investments of time, money, and sacrifice of personal desires. I’ve learned that sometimes this means giving up leisure time, delaying some projects around the house, or changing my routines and habits to make time for building relationships and studying with others. What has worked for me is finding ways to weave these activities into my daily life, making them a part of my routines rather than a competing obligation. That may mean giving up some things I enjoy doing or even family recreation for the sake of the work of God’s kingdom.

Evangelism will cost us money. It may be something as simple as a cup of coffee or a few meals together or perhaps as much as a benevolent request. Nonetheless, we should lend our hearts generously to them, whether it’s just our time or involves some monetary expense. Why would anyone want to listen to us if we are not able to give ourselves to them? They may feel that they are not valuable to us.

The Parable of the Lost Sheep teaches us that heaven celebrates more for the one sinner who repents than the ninety-nine who need no repentance (Luke 15:3–7). Lost people matter to our God, and they should matter to us too. We must leave the comfort of the sheep pen and search relentlessly until that one is found. That will cost us time, money, energy, and disruptions, but in the end, the value of a soul is priceless.