Preparing for the Journey

By Dave Benner

Recently I went on a fishing trip to Quebec. I enthusiastically prepared for this trip. I watched fishing shows to determine the best walleye lures. I used Amazon to order the latest great thing. I bought a new sonar unit to be able to see the depth and even fish under the boat.

I coordinated the dates with my fishing buddy who is also a Christian. He suggested inviting his Christian coworker because 3 could easily travel together and reduced the individual cost of the trip.

I carefully selected the menu and purchased most items. I coordinated the rest of the food and equipment needs with the others. All this for a 6-day fishing trip that required me to travel about 1200 miles.

I had a wonderful time and enjoyed fellowship with my Christian companions. Upon return, I started thinking about all the preparation and the excitement of this trip. On reflection, I started thinking about my preparation for that final trip we will all take and the actions necessary. What about that trip into eternity?

I had to ask myself:

Am I carefully following the teaching of Jesus so that I will be entering Paradise upon my death? Remember that Jesus taught that not all who call on His name will be saved but only the one who does the will of the Father (Matthew 7:21-23).

Am I encouraging fellow Christians to come with me? Am I studying the Bible to ensure I know how to live and be able to teach others? Am I the example for others that I should be? Am I letting my light shine? Am I working with and encouraging my loved ones to follow Jesus? Does my enthusiasm for God’s word and the Church match the enthusiasm for a 6-day

trip? What is my enthusiasm for spreading God’s Word?

We must remember that we are sojourners here. Our lives are like a vapor that appears for a while and then vanishes away. James 4:14

Let’s get prepared for that final journey into eternity.