New Testament Evangelism

Part 1 of New Testament Evangelism with a focus on the Gospels. Wednesday Night Auditorium Class (Fall 2023) by Spencer Clark. New Testament Evangelism is an exploration of the New Testament for evangelistic insights, methods, and strategies. We will also be examining how these things relate to our evangelism model.


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Evangelism Model Insights

Key takeaways from our class that apply to the Evangelism Model. Updated Weekly.

  1. Contacts (Meet People)
    • Do we love God enough to make contact with people? (1 John 4:19)
    • Are we enthusiastic about the good news of Jesus Christ?
    • Be salt and light in the world (Matt 5:13–16)
    • Pray to God for laborers to go into the harvest (Matt 9:35–38)
    • Spread the word to everyone, plant don’t pick.
    • Bring people to Jesus (John 1:35–50; Luke 5:17–25)
    • Invite people to “come and see” (John 1:46)
    • Intentionally go and make contact with people where they are (John 4)
    • Engage with people culturally different than us.
  2. Prospects (Build Relationships)
    • Are you concerned for the person’s soul or just a process? (Luke 19:10; Rom 9:1–3)
    • Not everyone will be receptive. Know when to move on (Matt 13)
    • Not everyone is looking for truth, just a handout (John 6:22–71)
    • Work through obstacles and barriers to find common ground (John 4)
    • Guide people from physical focus to spiritual things (John 4:10–15)
    • Invite people into your home to encounter teachings of Jesus (Luke 5:27–39)
    • Spend time with people who are sinful and despised by the world (Luke 19:5)
  3. Studies (Study the Bible)
    • Identify their needs, choose appropriate material, answer questions, work towards a decision.
    • Are you trying to win an argument or share the good news of Jesus?
    • Help them understand by “Show, Don’t Tell.”
    • Point them to Jesus (John 1:26)
    • Challenge people but make connections to what they know (John 3)
    • Indirectly answer questions using illustrations and parables.
    • Realize not everyone will believe and understand on first study (Nicodemus).
  4. Baptisms (Baptize Them)
    • Does the baptism glorify you or glorify God? (1 Cor 1:14–15; 3:5–7)
    • Make disciples by baptizing and teaching (Matt 28:18–20)
    • We must be born again of water and Spirit (John 3:5)
  5. New Converts (Care for New Christians)
    • Hold a class for New Christians.
    • Engage in ongoing mentoring and teaching.
    • Lead them towards spiritual maturity.
    • Start them towards church membership.
    • Connect them with the congregation.
    • Help them form deep roots and weed out the cares of the world (Matt 13)
    • New Converts can be some of the most effective evangelists (John 4:39–42)
  6. Growing Church (Grow and Multiply)
    • Make them part of our church family.
    • Encourage them and one another to make more disciples.
    • Remove distractions from our lives that will prevent fruitfulness (Matt 13)
    • Prepare yourself to face challenges and rejection like Jesus did (Mark 6)
NTE01 Introduction
NTE01 Introduction by Spencer Clark

NTE02 Motivations for Evangelism
NTE02 Motivations by Spencer
NTE03 Jesus on Evangelism (Part 1)
NTE03 Jesus on Evangelism (Part 1) by Spencer
NTE04 Jesus on Evangelism (Part 2)
NTE04 Jesus on Evangelism (Part 2) by Spencer
NTE05 Jesus the Evangelist (Part 1)
NTE05 Jesus the Evangelist (Part 1) by Spencer
NTE06 The Samaritan Woman (Jesus Part 2)
NTE06 The Samaritan Woman (Jesus Part 2) by Spencer
NTE07 Jesus the Evangelist (Part 3)
NTE07 Jesus the Evangelist (Part 3) by Spencer
NTE08 The Jewish Elites (Jesus Part 4)
NTE08 The Jewish Elites (Jesus Part 4) by Spencer
NTE09 Zacchaeus (Jesus Part 5)
NTE09 Zacchaeus (Jesus Part 5) by Spencer
NTE10 Locations for Evangelism
NTE10 Locations for Evangelism by Spencer
NTE11 Service Evangelism
NTE11 Service Evangelism by Spencer
NTE12 Prayer and Evangelism
NTE12 Prayer and Evangelism by Spencer