Choose Two

What if the body of Christ could triple in one year? Is that far-fetched? Perhaps, but let’s look smaller. What if every Christian could reach two people in one year? Not just sowing seeds, but actually leading them to salvation through the truth of the Gospel. The body of Christ would triple in one year. When you break it down to each individual Christian, the task is not quite so daunting.

Jesus himself started out with just two disciples. In Matthew 4:18-20, he called Peter and Andrew to follow him. But this was not the first time they met. Jesus had previously invited Andrew and another disciple to “come and see” (John 1:41-42). Andrew then told Peter about Jesus, creating a multiplying effect. The day the two brothers decided to lay down their nets was the result of groundwork laid out by John the Baptist and finding Jesus near the Jordan. Starting with two pairs of two brothers, the followers of Jesus grew to twelve and eventually to thousands.

We should always be sowing seeds for Christ because we never know what kind of soil they might land in. While it may not always be our responsibility to water those seeds, that shouldn’t stop us from planting (1 Corinthians 3:5-9). Ultimately, we are His servants, and it is God who receives all the glory.

This year, the members at Karns have made a commitment to “choose two” people to reach with the Gospel. I hope you will consider joining us in this challenge. Not just for the sake of numbers, but for the sake of lost souls in this world. What if the body of Christ could triple in one year? We can do it, but it starts with each one of us reaching two people for the sake of the Gospel.