I Want to Ride With My Dad

Have you heard the story about a family moving from the East Coast to the West Coast? Due to the size of the family and all the luggage, they decided they were going to have to drive in two vehicles. The father of the family was going to drive one vehicle, and he talked his brother into driving the other car with the promise of paying his airfare home. His brother happily agreed, and when it came time to load up, the father’s brother asked his nieces and nephew if they wanted to ride with him or their parents. Without hesitation, the children excitedly chose to ride with their fun-loving uncle, to the uncle’s great delight. He was flattered that they had chosen him over their own parents. 

However, before they left town, the youngest boy asked his uncle, “What happens if we get separated from Mom and Dad along the way?” To which the uncle said, “Don’t worry, we won’t.” But the boy persisted, “Well, what if we do?” The uncle jokingly remarked, “Well, I guess we’ll never see them again.” After a moment of silence, the little boy said, “I think I’m going to ride with my mom and dad.” 

You know, this world contains many things that are flashy, fun, and exciting, which capture our attention. Sometimes, children of God are temporarily blinded by the pleasure and excitement of sin, but when it comes right down to it, they wouldn’t want any of those things if it meant that they would be separated from their heavenly Father forever.  

Don’t allow momentary pleasures to take your eyes off of your Heavenly Father, and eternal life! Maybe we ought to take a moment and think about the one with whom we are riding.